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the place you belong!

I believe you have stopped at the right place to regain your HOPE. We believe in bringing Hope to the Hopeless. I invite you to come and join us in the Hope Nation Experience!

As we say here weekly.... Bring Hope to Somebody! 

Our Pastor

Apostle J. Kenney

Introducing Hope House

This property is a complete renovation from head to toe. We are currently upgrading and improving the lighting, demolishing current walls to increase natural light flow throughout the main floor, updating windows, electrical and much more. 

3 Phase Project:

Phase 1: renovations for upper level including community garden (Currently being done)

Phase 2: renovations for lower level

Phase 3: Phase 3 of this project will be to demo and rebuild the current garage.

This also will be where we will house our food giveaway. With more space, means we will need more energy efficient refrigeration.

Help us finish this project by donating today! Any amount is a step towards completion! 

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